New plugins for Figma #19

As usually, Sweetcode Lab worries about your free time and share with you new plugins for Figma. These tools help you make your work more comfortable and accessible. We sure, that you find some really good benefits.

Frame It

plugins for Figma

Quickly wrap a new frame around layers you’ve selected.

World’ sine

Now you can use the most extensive library of icons in Figma!

Simple Status

Thanks to this plugin, you can add the readiness status of your layout. And it will be immediately visible in Figma.


plugins for Figma

Discover the wonderful world of glyphs, ligatures, and other characters with the Glyphs plugin. The plugin currently includes 50 Unicode Blocks.

How to use
• Left-click on a glyph to paste.
• Right-click on a glyph to copy to the clipboard.

Some fonts may not include all the characters that you see in the plugin. If you don’t know a glyph after pasting, this means that the glyph does not exist in the above font. Please select a glyph layer and select a different font in the Figma properties panel.

Every week we prepare for you portion new plugins. Other useful plugins for Figma you can find in our previous posts.