Startup special services. We’ll help you save.

We are providing affordable startup services when you that MVP app or website.

We help startups build their apps and save on development

For many startups - budget is a critical thing. Many people when they start they want to pay less and get more, so we tottaly on your side here!

  • Pitch Deck Design

    Pitch Deck Design

    For many startups most iportant thing is a Pitchh Deck. We can create amazing power point presentation with ultra modern design so your investors will see how serious and passionate you are about your idea.

  • App / Website Prototyping

    App / Website Prototyping

    When you have no money for development but you want to present something. Best way - create prototype of the app that will look like real. So you can click and present it to potemntial investors and show them how it will be in action.

  • MVP App Development

    MVP App Development

    We trying to help you save. So that’s why MVP is super important. We can help you build locost app within short terms and even push it to appstore.

  • MVP Website Development

    MVP Website Development

    We will develop lowcost website or landing page for your startup so people can start signing up to your future product without waiting for release.

Estimate will not take forever with us!

No need to wait weeks anymore. Your idea can be transferred into application much faster, helping you achieve your goals today, not tomorrow.

  • Your ProjectYour Project
  • 1-3 Days1-3 Days
  • DoneDone

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